The world of balance and the method to succeed.

What if I told you that in just a few weeks you will be able to do a handstand or one arm handstand easily .
even if until today it seemed like a dream to you.

learn how to achieve a handstand/one arm handstand, with the 6 principles of balance, while you are having fun, and can practice anywhere without a trainer or without equipment.

Hi, my name is Or sagiv

 and if it's a dream for you to hold a handstand / one arm handstand, you must read this page to the end.

When I started training, I couldn’t do a handstand near the wall for even one second, and after a certain time I was already able to do a handstand for a long time, I didn’t think it was possible to hold my whole body on one hand.
If you suffer from slow progress, and you don’t understand why… I’m sure you can understand me when I say that it’s frustrating to fall all the time, to see everyone doing it easily, when there is a small improvement then it doesn’t last long, and at certain times even you want to stop to practice.
You may think you need the right genetics or the right age or the right weight, and I would too if I were you, but after you read what I’m going to write on this page, you’re about to realize that it’s not only possible, but you can be very good at it, and even Be the one who gives tips to others.

What does the course contain?

the 6 principles
of balance.

the ability to combine them into training.

and practical training for your exact level.

The course teaches you how to reach:

and in short - the ability to play with the new skill you will get in your life.

The workout fit to your level, and are presented in an understandable and correct way.
I was also skeptical at the beginning and went through a lot to get from 0 to world class, today I know it is possible.

If you want to master handstand/one arm handstand

"The world of balance and the method to succeed"

is exactly right for you.

So, how does it work?

My method combined the 6 principles of
balance, and this is how it will be inside:

part 1:

all the knowledge needed for handstand / one arm handstand, divided into short videos (fingers, look, exercises, how to improve faster, etc...).

part 2:

additions (things need to know around and more bonus lessons).

part 3:

The workouts divided to levels, you choose the level you are at and train.

Some changes of my trainers...


Why should I learn from you?

experience of over 5 years in the field, with world records such as – 

How much money would it be worth to you
if you got the ability to do
a one minute handstand/one minute one arm handstand?

I wanted to market the course for a lot of money - over 400$

(after all, this is my life project, and the method I developed over 5 years)

but I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be worth it if only a few people would buy the course, so the course costs just 147$

And the price right now is just

“The world of balance and the method to succeed״

Or, I want to buy the course but
I have some questions...

I’ve seen people worse and better than you, handstand/one arm handstand, it’s not as hard as you think when you train correctly and consistently.

There is also training fit to the most basic level.

First you need to know that I reached the top in the field, and you want to learn from someone that has reached where you want to get, and not talking theories, especially that after a year and a half in the field, my improvement suddenly became very fast, which indicates that I slowly learned how to train more correctly.

My video progress from 0 to 1 minute one arm handstand in 4 years, is on my YouTube channel – press here

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